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Zebra Industrial Printers

Label Requirements for Zebra Industrial Printers

- 3" Inner Core

- Maximum 8" Outer Roll Diameter

- Labels are Wound Facing Outwards


List of Zebra Industrial Printers

  • ZT610 and ZT620
  • ZT510
  • ZT410 and ZT411
  • ZT420 and ZT421
  • ZT220, ZT230, and ZT231
  • ZT111
  • 105SLPlus and 105SL
  • ZM400 and ZM600
  • S4M
  • 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, and 220Xi4
  • 90XiIII, 110XiIII, 140XiIII. 170XiIII, and 220XiIII


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