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Barcode Verifiers

Shop our complete selection of RJS Barcode Verifiers and Axicon Barcode Verifiers.  The RJS Inspector 5000 and RJS Inspector D4000 are available in Laser and Auto Optic.

• RJS Inspector 5000 Laser Barcode Verifier (P/N 003-1220)

• RJS Inspector 5000 Auto Optic (3,6,10,20 Mil Apertures) Linear Bar Code Verifier (P/N 003-1210)

• RJS Inspector D4000 Laser Barcode Verifier (P/N 002-7851)

• RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic Barcode Verifier (P/N 002-7850)

• Axicon PC6015 Barcode Verifier (P/N V6015)

• Axicon PC7015 Barcode Verifier (P/N V7015)



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