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Sato CL408e | CL412e | CL608e | M84Pro Labels

Shop our massive selection Sato Labels including Thermal Transfer Labels, Direct Thermal Labels, Color Labels, Roll Labels, Poly Labels, Removable Labels, and Fanfold Labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels - Thermal Transfer Labels require the use of a ribbon

Direct Thermal Labels - Direct Thermal Labels use a special heat sensitive material and do not use a ribbon

Fanfold Labels - Fanfold Labels come in stacks and are sometimes preferred for larger printing jobs and easier handling

Special Materials - Special materials include durable Synthetic (Poly) Labels, Removable Adhesive Labels, and Cold Temperature Labels


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  • Zebra 4" x 6” Color Direct Thermal Labels 520383


    Zebra 4" x 6” Color Direct Thermal Labels

    520383  - Color (Orange, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Red) Direct Thermal Labels for Zebra Industrial Printers This label is specifically designed for Zebra Industrial Printers These labels do not use a ribbon Available Colors: ...